so I’m sitting here reading through my old storied and I just realized I left so much unfinished >_<

Hmm I guess like sex talk . He asks you what youre gonna do to him . What would you say ? While being seductive and shit

rawrrrr, tbh I’m not in a freaky mood rn, I’ll write something soon thoe so stay tuned. But I do have examples of things that I do say on this blog somewhere just look here or

What seductive stuff would u say to a nigga to tease em and get him horny?

It depends wym

Youre a virgin :o

Lol yea, you must be new




Shawty let me feed you pineapples and mangos while you crush me with your beautiful thighs.



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One thing I’ve noticed about me is that I’m either super wet and turned on or I’m dry and not turned on. But I get turned off very easily so I feel bad when i go from soaked to dry and they ask what’s wrong. Like its not their fault I wanna enjoy what they’re doing, I just don’t.

how many fingers fit inside you

I can fit two of my fingers, but no guy has ever been able to fit more than one

I just want my pussy ate tbh


Somebody kik meeee MusicHeadNMoney

I’ll reply after work, I need a new late night buddy :P